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By Izemrasen N.M.
Azawad is, and will always remain, independent. I express my warmest congratulations to my Amazigh Tuareg sisters and brothers of Azawad. No force in the world can deprive the Tuareg people and all the other Native Amazigh peoples of their human rights to self-determination and independence. 

Everyone knows now that the colonized and oppressed Native North African Amazigh peoples—such as the Kabyles, Tuaregs, Chawis, Chluhs, Rifians, Mzabs, Chenwis, Nefussis, and Siwis—are facing a global threat against their existence, freedom, and even their lives. Relying upon the colonial enslaving anti-Amazigh Arab-Islamist states imposed in Tamazgha (North Africa), the dehumanized international community, which has always turned its back on the basic human rights of the defenseless and stateless Native Amazigh peoples, seems to desire nothing else than wiping these latter out off the map.

Condemned to total annihilation and extermination by the predatory, fascistic and genocidal Western-Arab-Islamist imperialism and domination, the Native North African Amazigh peoples have no choice but to fight for their self-determination and independence by any means necessary. 

Be that as it may, it is certainly in the interest of the US, UK, UN, NATO, France, Germany and the rest of the whole civilized world to welcome and actively support the birth of the democratic, secular and modern Tuareg independent state of Azawad. 

Below are two videos showing Moussa Ag Attaher, the communications director of the National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad (NMLA), proclaiming the Independence of Azawad.    

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