By Izemrasen N.M.

The French President Nicolas Sarkozy visited yesterday, April 16th, 2012, the Berber (Amazigh) Cultural Center of Drancy (France) and paid a strong homage to the Native North African Amazigh peoples while recognizing their existence, identity, democratic secular Mediterranean culture, and humanistic civilization. 

This recognition is a real breath of fresh air for the struggle of the Native Amazigh peoples for the decolonization and secular democratic liberation of their ancestral homeland—North Africa or Tamazgha—from fascistic, totalitarian and genocidal Arab-Islamist despotism and imperialism.

All Tamazgha is hoping that the US President Barack Obama will soon do the same. The whole international community is invited to urgently put an end to the planned extermination of the defenseless and stateless Native Amazigh peoples—such as the Kabyles, Tuaregs, Chawis, Chluhs, Rifians, Mzabs, Chenwis, Nefussis, and Siwis—by the colonial Arab-Islamist states imposed in North Africa.

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