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By Izemrasen N.M.
Like the Western world, the Arab-Islamist colonial tyranny of Algiers opposes the liberation and the independence of the Amazigh Tuareg people of Azawad.   Following this antidemocratic stance against the rights of the Amazigh peoples to self-determination and independence, it is the duty of every defender of peoples’ human rights to clarify things up to the world’s public opinion. 
First of all, let’s fix the issue of the presence of Islamist terroristic groups in Azawad, the Tuareg ancestral homeland. In fact, all the well-informed political analysts agree to say that the threat of Islamic terrorism in Azawad is generated and managed by the totalitarian Algerian and Malian thug regimes. 
Should we also remind our readers that Islamic terror or Islamism in general in the Amazigh world (North Africa) has always been a fascistic, despotic and genocidal weapon in the hands of the foreign and domestic enemies of the Native Amazigh peoples’ existence, freedom, and human rights? In other words, Islamism and its terror have always served as a tool for the neo-colonial Western domination and Arab despotic imperialism in Tamazgha—the Amazigh ancestral homeland.  

Everything leads us to clearly see that the cruel Algerian thug regime is nothing other than a maleficent anti-Amazigh enslaving power in the pay of the Western despotic global order. Otherwise, how else to explain the fact that today, as for the last 50 years, this Western-sponsored dictatorial Arab-Islamist regime continues to oppress, plunder and exterminate the Kabyle, Tuareg, Chawi and other Amazigh peoples who make up the entire population of Algeria.

Yet everybody knows well that the Tuareg people, like all the other Native Amazigh peoples, such as the Kabyles, qualify fully for protected status under the United Nations Charter on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, which guarantees the right to self-determination to all stateless native peoples.(1) Instead of promoting and supporting human freedom and secular democracy in Tamazgha, the international community has chosen to trample its own principles and values by opposing the liberation, self-determination and independence of Azawad. The reason for this incongruous attitude is no mystery to any Amazigh.

In the eyes of the neo-colonial Western leaders, a genuine secular democracy is still, and will always be, unwelcomed, inappropriate and unacceptable in Tamazgha. For the predatory Western powers, the Amazigh peoples, even if they have reached political maturity, must at all costs remain enslaved, at the mercy of Arab-Islamist tyrants and the West. By closing their eyes to this grave geopolitical crime against humanity, the world leaders are delaying the end of the Arab-Islamist colonial tyranny, which has plagued the Amazigh peoples for so long. In doing so, their aim is to continue to guarantee the neo-colonial interests of the West (USA and EU) in Tamazgha. 

Trapped in a rapacious, tyrannical and genocidal world order, the distressed Amazigh peoples are undeniably facing a global threat against their existence, their culture, their identity, their freedom, all their human rights, and even their lives. The top priority in such an immoral, unjust and intolerable situation is building solid and flawless solidarity among all the Native North African Amazigh peoples. To reach this most urgent humanitarian goal, the political forces of all the struggling Amazigh peoples must lay an unyielding and durable foundation for effective cooperation to serve their common interests and enhance  unwavering support and commitment to their struggle for liberty, dignity, democracy, secularism, security, justice and peace in Tamazgha. 

There is nothing left to say except that this outrageous attitude of the international community robs the world of its humanity, dignity, justice, freedom, and peace.

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4/7/2012 01:43:37

I think it is up to the Immazighen to help and support the republic of Azawad and the MNLA. If we can help them survive our culture survives.


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