In Tamazgha—the Amazigh peoples’ ancestral homeland comprising the whole region of North Africa—there is no Arab people at all. There are only democratic, secular Amazigh peoples who are being colonized, tyrannized and exterminated by fascistic, totalitarian, genocidal Arab-Islamic states. 

How comes that these colonial, genocidal Arab-Islamist states are still pushed by their craziness to want to establish a “United Arab Maghreb” in a continent or a region of the world where there is no Arab people but only insignificant pseudo-Arab immigrant minorities from different lost Middle Eastern ethnic origins? Or do these fascistic, genocidal Arab-Islamic states still want to make of Tamazgha an Arab colony?  

It is now time for these colonial, tyrannical Arab states, which are still living in the barbaric illusions of the Islamic imperialistic obsession of the 7th century, to give up their criminal mythical enterprise and get back to reality to acknowledge the Amazighness of North Africa and espouse the construction of a genuine Democratic, Secular Federal Amazigh State in Tamazgha. In addition to that, these colonial Arab-Islamic states must admit that it is illogical and intolerable to embed annihilating Arabism and Islamism into the distinct Amazigh identity of Tamazgha, since these latter are nothing but foreign colonial acculturative weapons used to erase the existence, identity, and culture of all the Native North African Amazigh peoples.

In fact, if “Arabity” (i.e. Arabism) and “Islamity” (i.e. Islamism)—which are for the Amazigh peoples nothing but the latest foreign cultural impositions or intrusions—are to be used or accepted as marks of identity for Tamazgha, then why not include all those colonial cultural intrusions that the Amazigh peoples have experienced before and after the devastating Arab-Islamic colonialism, such as Judaism, Christianism, Hellenism, Romanism, Iberianism, Turkism, and Frenchism.

Tamazgha has made the oath to not stop struggling until its natural Amazigh identity is restored by all means necessary. All the Native North African Amazigh peoples will continue to fight hand in hand to free themselves and their homeland by kicking the barbaric, genocidal Arab-Islamic colonialism out of North Africa.

Long live free Kabylia! Long live free Tamazgha!

By Izemrasen N.M.

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